Park Bagatelle

Bois de Boulogne

Built in 1775 when the Royal Hunting Ground in the Bois de Boulogne was opened to the public, the very elegant Château de Bagatelle was designed by the architect François Joseph BĂ©langer. This castle was created as a result of a bet made by the Count of Artois, who owned the estate at the time, with the young Queen Marie-Antoinette. In order to win, he had to build it in less than two months. He succeeded, but history does not say what was at stake… But what is most striking about Bagatelle is the magnificent English garden, laid out by the famous landscape designer Thomas Blaikie.

Then, during the 19th century, various additions were built: the orangery, the famous stables, the terraces… It was only in 1905, when it became the property of the Paris City Council, that the park became a botanical collection garden. The rose garden is particularly famous and contains more than a thousand species of roses, including original creations by the park’s gardeners.

In the spring, as the first flowers bloom, visitors, even the most insensitive to floral art, remain speechless before the magnificence of these parterres. Between ponds, kiosks, caves, small bridges, waterfalls and century-old trees, this is a walk that will delight the whole family.